Friday, January 15, 2010

Mean Lil Machine

i mentioned before that chris got me the Little Green Machine by Bissell. it's a handy dandy little carpet cleaner. even though i got it for our anniversary on december 19th, i just took it out of the box to use today. i am a loser. a lazy loser. our carpet here are the apartment is gross. especially since you are in the living room, and practically in the kitchen and dining room as soon as you open the front door. we are all about taking off our shoes, but the carpet still manages to get filthy. so today was the day i chose to say good bye to the numerous dirt, yogurt, milk, dirt, and juice stains that litered our carpet.

the little green machine is super light and easy to use. there is only one container to fill with solution and water. there is another container where all the dirty water goes. easy to use. easy to clean up. and the nozzle is pretty small, and can only spray so much water, so your carpet never really gets all that wet. i even used it on my couch. pretty good stuff!

we used to have a giant bissell carpet cleaner, but it died after 4 years, and being shuttled between my house and lindsay's (since barb bought it for us to share.) i was pretty sad when it died, but am happy to have this much lighter and smaller replacement. i am hoping this one lasts longer than 4 years though. i may need a bigger carpet cleaner when we have a bigger house, but for now, this will do just fine. i am anticipating getting a lot of use out of this bad boy this weekend as we give potty training another shot...

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