Tuesday, May 3, 2011

week of the raspberry

we are at week 8. i really can't remember what we are doing this week- maybe making fingers and internal organs and more facial features? whatever the case is, it's been whooping my butt. i have taken at least one, although most days 2 one hour naps, a day. so glad my kids love tv and sit watching while i snore loudly beside them. good times.

a lot of the websites that i've been reading say i shouldn't be showing yet. shouldn't, eh? i've already been told that i am showing on more than one occassion. not nice. although chris tries to do his best to tell me that i look great, his defense for my early pooch is: "what? i have big sperm." really??? he's 31 people. i can't even imagine the seriously inappropriate things he must have said as a teenager. (and he made this big sperm comment in the middle of lunch with some friends, their kids, and ours. need to buy the guy a better filter.)

and just to jab at my awesome hubby one more time, the other day i was wearing a huge sweater cause i was cold. chris said: "hey, nice sweater." so nice of him. i told him i was wearing it because i was freezing, and to cover my fatness. to that he replied: "IMPOSSIBLE." and as my jaw dropped and hit the ground and shattered, chris looked at me with horror in his eyes and said: "wait! you said HOTNESS, right?" omg watson.

i guess it doesn't help that all i want to eat are chips and fruity snacks (and fruity snacks constitute those sour rope things which are ridiculously awesome!) i am aiming to only gain 20 lbs, which is what i gained with topher (my 6'4oz baby) and not 30 lbs, which i gained with lily (my 8'3oz crotch-destroying baby).
we'll see how that goes.

anyhoo, we had our 8 week ultrasound earlier this week and it went so great. the heart beat was strong and perfect, and there was only one baby, not twins, so that was a delight to see as well. pretty much, God is awesome, and we are excited to meet baby raspberry in november.

and tomorrow, i will attach our week 8 ultrasound pic! or i will try to...

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