Wednesday, May 11, 2011

the reasons i left. part 1

this is the first of at least two posts. i just got back, like two hours ago, from a great 50hour trip in orlando. i left superearly monday morning and like i said, just got back a little while ago. and it was wonderful!

my beautiful friend kendra (the stunning red-head pictured above) and her delightful husband jon, adopted stunning little ezra (the stunning little man pictured above) 4 months ago, when he was 4 months old. God is so awesome and has brought this wonderful little bundle of awesomeness from haiti to two incredibly incredible parents. he has already undergone so much in his little 8-month life, and he has done it with much joy and grace.

i love you little ezra! this post is entirely dedicated to you and your incredible cuteness!


Brantonians said...

He is absolutely gorgeous!

Crazy Watsons said...

ezra is sooo handsome! i love him grabbing your cheeks :) congrats kendra