Sunday, May 22, 2011

more pics of the crazy man

i just got a disc of pics of chris from his traithlon from last weekend. the pics are awesome cause barb is awesome, her camera is awesome, and of course chris is awesome.

here's chris in the water about to start his race. every time chris caught a glimpse of us, he would smile like a fool. i love this fool:

here's a shot of the serious swimmer at work:

maybe he worked too hard. looking pooped after the first event... but alas, the almost-ironman pressed on for another 2 hours and 45 minutes.

chris on his bike. we support him, he supports us. love the smile and the wave.

here's a shot of chris running across the lake. he's like 2 miles away. how great is the orange shirt and the camera???

chris actually stopped running in the middle of his 10k run to give me a hug and a kiss. he really appreciates fan support! i on the otherhand got my shoulder completely drenched. it was worth it.

running the last few meters/yards with uncle matt. matt didn't cross the finish line with chris. he didn't want to pull a 'robert' (check my post about chris running his san diego marathon...)

the craziest man in the world. big smile cause he is all done! for now...

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Brantonians said...

I LOOOOVE these pictures! I LOOOVE your relationship!!! I love that you share both with me and the rest of your blog stalkers!